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Outside The Box

Teachers used to tell me I think outside the box. Okay, I have a few questions about this whole box thing. Has anyone actually ever seen the box? Yeah, that’s what I thought. Me neither. And who gets to refer to the box? It used to be teachers only. Now, it’s bosses and supervisors and anybody who thinks they can get ahead or get you to work harder just by mentioning the box. And I would like to know who is thinking inside the box so I can decide for myself if thinking outside the box is such a great thing. Maybe I would prefer the people thinking inside the box and would rather be lumped in with them, especially since they seem to be the majority here, instead of hanging out with a few people who are thinking outside the box.out of the box

Just maybe outside the box is inside the box, and nobody noticed the difference when things changed. What if the box gets wet and the sides collapse? Then is everyone thinking inside or outside the box or does it all get so jumbled up that you have people running around all willy-nilly back and forth over the walls so that they’re thinking inside the box one minute an outside the box the next? Would it be such a good thing to be thinking outside the box then?

These are some serious questions: Would people who think outside the box have had enough forethought the night before to have watched the weather on the news so that they brought umbrellas to keep themselves dry outside the box? Would the people inside the box all get the same bright idea to close the flaps on top of the box, so they didn’t get wet?

Can the people who are thinking outside the box still communicate with those thinking inside the box, and if so, how do you know they’re still the ones thinking outside the box and not just getting ideas from the guys inside the box and passing them off their own?

Who guards the box to make certain those inside the box don’t manage to get outside the box without actually thinking outside the box? And who decides the difference between thinking inside the box and outside the box? Is there a rule book out there somewhere that we don’t know about?

For the record, in case you haven’t noticed by now, I am NOT a fan of the box theory. I’m inside the box, outside the box, and all around the box.



Comments on: "Outside The Box" (6)

  1. This is funny! Thank you!


  2. MaryAnnBernal said:

    I always wanted to know who guards the box.


    • That would be the balding gym coach with the pot belly and T-shirt that’s about two sizes too small that lets two inches of hairy fat belly hang out for all to see, giving kids another thing to talk to their shrink about when they’re old and gray 😉


      • MaryAnnBernal said:

        Would never have picked the gym coach – had visiting aliens in mind 🙂


        • It might have been aliens. Nobody told me they saw any this time, though. That doesn’t mean they weren’t there. Maybe they took over everyone’s minds and that’s why we didn’t hear about it.

          We must find the biggest redneck in the area with only half a tooth and an accent no one can understand to interview and find out. It’s always the town redneck or village idiot that has all the good information, lol.

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