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Heart Fart

I am not looking forward to Thursday afternoon. Mr. Fatchick and I have to make a trip back to our regular doctor. I’ve been away from Fatopia because one of the seven stents that are keeping things open around his heart got blocked off and had to be replaced the other day. Again. He’d had another heart fart.

Heart Fart


It all started about three years ago. Mr. Fatchick didn’t feel well, so we took him to the doctor, and before all was said and done, he ended up having a heart attack, was hospitalized, and had a stent put in to open one of the arteries going to his heart so blood can get to it like it should. Scared me half to death to be honest, but I didn’t let on at the time. At least I don’t think I did. But I digress.

Over time, the blockages kept coming. Heart attacks and myocardial infarctions kept happening. More stints needed to be placed. At first it was like maybe twice a year. Now, Mr. Fatchick is lucky if he gets six weeks between hospital visits. If I didn’t know him better, I’d think he was trying to collect those little stent cards like kids collect baseball cards. He’s getting a nice stack of them in his wallet.

The thing is, you are supposed to give it at least three months, or 90 days, between arteriagrams. That’s where they make an incision near your groin area to go up the main artery in your leg that leads up to your heart. If they must do the procedure closer than that, it gets even more dangerous than usual. Mr. Fatchick had just had another stent put in about six weeks before this heart fart, so he insisted they go up the other leg this time. Not a popular opinion, but since he was the patient, he had the power of veto on his side, so they did it his way.

So, why do I not look forward to that trip to the doctor for his follow-up appointment? Well, Dr. H, is a great doctor. I wouldn’t take anything in the world for him. But he is as slow as molasses running uphill in the dead of winter with snow on the ground. We are talking so slow that I usually end up sending Mr. Fatchick out to bring our supper back to the waiting room so we can eat it while we wait. Like we don’t leave the office until after 10 pm when we had a 2 o’clock appointment kind of late.

Doc doesn’t get in a hurry for anyone, which is really great if you’re in the room with him and you’re the patient. But if you’re outside in the waiting room, well, it sucks hairy monkey balls big time. Now don’t get me wrong, I understand that if I want him to take that kind of time with me and mine, I have to allow him to give that kind of time to everyone else, but you tell that to my butt when I’ve been sitting for four or six hours straight and it’s gone to sleep and is snoring loud enough for the whole waiting room to hear it.

So no, I’m not looking forward to visiting doc Thursday afternoon, but I’ll go. For Mr. Fatchick, I’ll go. To keep him on this side of a dirt nap, I’ll go. I won’t like it, but I’ll go. Bah!


Comments on: "Heart Fart" (2)

  1. When I first saw the title on Blogging 101, I thought the there was an error in the title. Then I get here and realize it’s not. I had a good laugh and I felt bad for laughing because of what you and your husband are going through. Stay strong and hopefully your hubby will stop having so many heart farts.


    • Nope, “Heart Fart” is right. I drew that doodle back last year about this time and have been looking for an excuse to use it. Took a while, but I finally found one 😀

      Sometimes life comes down to laugh or cry, you know? To me, it’s always better to laugh if you can because crying always give me a headache and snotty nose. I am not a fan of snot.

      Thanks for your kind words. I’m sure Mr. Fatchick is going to be okay. We keep praying and God keeps him here. What more can I ask than that?


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