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Houston, We Have A Tree!

IMG_20141212_092443Now it is officially Christmas on the homefront here in Fatopia. We have our Christmas tree up! It has lights! Still needs some more decorations, but we have some reinforcements coming in to help with that later today, hopefully. And the best part is that I get to sit here in the living room in front of it and look at it all the time because the living room is my bedroom for right now. Christmas cool 🙂

Here’s what the tree looks like so far. I’ll update the pics as it gets decorated more and more and when it’s a finished product.


Little St. Nick by the Beach Boys

This is another piece of the puzzle that makes Christmas, well, Christmas in Fatopia. Music is a big part of life in Fatopia because my grandfather loved it, my dad loves it and played it as a musician and a DJ in the navy, and of course, my love of playing as a musician and ex-DJ in my own right. Music is a universal language that speaks to the soul, and it is tied to many memories of life in Fatopia.

Here’s the Beach Boys with Little St. Nick. Enjoy!

Now It’s Christmas In Fatopia

It just isn’t Christmas in Fatopia until I hear Snoopy’s Christmas by The Royal Guardsmen. My dad has the album that is the whole Peanuts Christmas party, and I remember him playing it for us every Christmas when I was a kid. It marked the official start of the Christmas season in Fatopia back then. My brother and I used to laugh and giggle the whole time it played, and you could see in his eyes that Daddy really got a kick out of watching us listen to it.

He still has that album, but as you can imagine, the turntable he played it on played out many years ago. We have yet to find a way to transfer music from his extensive album collection to digital format, so I’m left to search places like YouTube to get my fix for many of the songs that bring back such warm and fuzzy memories. Thankfully, we have the internet!

And here is what I know as Snoopy’s Christmas (although it seems to have many names) by The Royal Guardsmen.

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